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If you would like to take the first steps together, and begin your journey with me, these services are just perfect for you.


Ever wondered who you
are and what you are truly
capable of being?

The 9 Star Ki is one of the most ancient forms of oriental astrology; it’s a simple yet profound system, entirely based on natural processes. It can help us understand ourselves better, our individual strengths and our weaknesses, particularly during stressful times.

Keeping in mind that all of us contain the whole 5 Elements (water, wood, fire, earth & metal), a combination of 3 of them appear to be more dominant for each and one of us.

Knowing this combination allow us to get in touch with our inherent potential, advance in our career, cultivate better relationships and all in all, help us go through life with a lighter heart and a deeper sense of self-awareness.

Do you ever:

  • seek for answers about your current life situation?
  • feel stuck in your personal life and/or professional life?
  • wish to be guided and/or supported in choosing one direction over the other one?
  • feel like you don’t belong?
  • feel overwhelmed with your to do list and never seem to be able to achieve the outcome you wished for?
  • end up not having time to dedicate to yourself and the things you truly love?
  • wonder why you vibrate easily with certain people and not so easily with others?

If you answered yes, even to only one of these questions, this could be the ideal coaching session for you.

We will connect over a cup of tea or coffee, on a videocall.


The session will last 90 minutes, during which we will go through your 3 main elements, analyze them and discuss them from a lifestyle, physical, emotional, health & nutrition point of view. This analysis will provide you with an in-depth reading of yourself, your personality, your behaviors, in order to help you foster a deeper sense self-awareness and acceptance of yourself.


The session is quite interactive, since you are the protagonist of it all. You will be able to ask general or specific questions and eventually, if that’s what you would like, to focus the conversation on a particular aspect of yourself/your life of your interest or curiosity.


This reading will invite you to accept and let go of expectations, judgement (mostly towards yourself) and forge a connection with yourself that you may or may have not experienced before. At the same time, it will allow you to better understand your surroundings, situations and people around you.


A few days before our session I will send you a brief questionnaire in order for me to understand where you are at in life and what you would like to know/work on, and to understand what you expect from our chat. Finally, at the end of the session, I will send you a PDF summarizing what has been discussed and all the major points of your reading. Additionally, you will be receiving simple exercises and tips for you to implement to keep your elements in check and balanced (as much as possible). This follow-up document will act as a starting point of your exploration journey, within.

Investment: 59


If you wish to get your energy moving in the comfort of your home, you have two options that will get you on the mat.

Group classes

There are 4 weekly classes available:

  • 1 Hatha/Vinyasa
  • 1 Yin Yang
  • 1 Yin
  • 1 Restorative

Even though these styles are very different from one another, each class is focused on aligning the breath with the movement. Whether at a faster pace in the hatha/vinyasa class or at a more controlled and contained pace in the yin and restorative classes, the common aim of these practices is to get you into your body and mind, focusing on each movement your body takes and releasing unnecessary stress and tension.

If you cannot attend the class live, you will be receiving the recording.
All levels are welcome to every class.

Private classes

If you instead would like to have a more personalized yoga journey, we can easily come up with yoga classes which will specifically target your physical and emotional needs.

Always starting from one of the above-mentioned styles, we will connect over a zoom call for 15/20 minutes to discuss what would you like to achieve and what are your yoga goals, then I will be able to draft a program for you and plan a sequence which will meet you where you are and take you where you want to get.

Book a consultation to start your yoga journey together.


The first step to healthier eating always starts with a pantry makeover.

The pantry makeover is pretty much like a spring cleaning, you get rid of the old and in with the new.
Why do we want to start with switching old ingredients with new ones? To help you bring awareness to your eating habits, the choices you make at the grocery store and the reasoning behind you buying a certain food instead of another one.

By focusing on getting rid of what’s not good for you, you are slowly taking steps towards healthier alternatives; also, this process doesn’t have to be overwhelming or making you feel guilty – (I share a little secret with you, I do have bad food choices in my pantry as well and that’s totally okay, when limited).

Would you like to:

  • feel more empowered when it comes to your eating habits and food choices?
  • feel less guilty at meals/snack times?
  • provide healthier alternatives for yourself and/or your family?
  • start your journey towards a healthier destination?

If you answered yes, even to only one of these questions, this could be the ideal coaching session for you.

We will connect over a cup of tea or coffee, on a videocall. 

The session will last 90 minutes, during which we will go through your pantry/meals’ goals. 

We will have a look at the ingredients you use more often and at their healthier substitutes. I will help you to stock up your pantry with easy yet healthy foods, which you can mix and match to prepare delicious dishes. 

We will also go through some of the labels on the packaging of certain foods, to understand and learn what we should definitely avoid and which words hide unhealthy ingredients. 


This session can be seen as the first brick of your learning process when it comes to stock up your kitchen with healthy and yet satisfying food options. 


It is very important that you approach this call with zero sense of guilt. We all start from somewhere, we all have ‘’bad’’ foods in our kitchen and we all eat them. Being vulnerable is a sign of strength and there is no judgment in this session. 

I am here to support you in making more informed choices for your own wellbeing, with the goal to let you make your own choices. 


A few days before our session I will send you a brief questionnaire in order for me to understand what would you like to change, what you are struggling with and if you have a major interest in a few or one ingredient in particular or which snack/meal is more important for you to be a healthier choice. While,  at the end of the session, I will send you a PDF summarizing what has been discussed during our call. Additionally, you will be receiving a list of healthy ingredients to stock up your pantry with, in relation to what we have been discussed tougher. 

Investment: 59


Cooking is the art of life.

What we fuel our body with is automatically reflected by our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s important to choose the right ingredients and to mix and match them properly, for major health benefits.

Learn how to prepare food that is harmonious with what your physical and emotional bodies need, which is in line with seasonal change and your environment.

Each and one of us are a combination of the 5 Elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal); stages of life, day to day activities, people around you & situations, can highly influence our health. It’s possible to address common ailment and imbalances with food.

Each session is 90 minutes.
You will:

  • cook up to 3 recipes
  • learn about many different ingredients and their properties
  • learn about the energetic elements of each food
  • learn how each ingredient can influence you physically, mentally and emotionally
  • have fun and eat delicious meals in the comfort of your home

Before the class I will send you a short questionnaire so that I can understand what you would like to focus on. I will also quickly assess which are your predominant 3 elements, so that I can tailor suitable recipes according to your specific energetical profile. At the end of the class, you will receive a PDF with the recipes of what we have cooked together for you to remake them at home as many times as you wish.

Investment: 65

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