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If you would like to take the first steps together, and begin your journey with me, these services are just perfect for you.



If you are craving to get to know yourself a little bit more, a little bit deeper or if you are curious to start your Yoga journey, this bundle is just perfect for you.

Each time you step onto the Yoga mat you are one step closer to unlock your full potential.

It’s a way you can nourish your body, your mind and your soul; by creating continuity in your Yoga practice, you invite a sacred flow into your life, where each breath connects to each movement and to each thought/action, also off the mat.  
It’s a chance for you to listen to your intuition, get familiar with your dreams and find the confidence and self love to create the life you love. 

I am going to guide you for 8 sessions, where each flow will meet your emotional & physical needs. Each class will be one tassel adding on to your personal development path. 

Each session will be 60 minutes long. 
Before starting to practice together, we will connect over a phone call/zoom to discuss your physical and emotional needs, basically your reasons for choosing the bundle.

We will have a chat about your wishes and your dreams, what goal do you have in life and how Yoga can help you achieve them. 
We will also discuss about which Yoga style is more aligned with who you are, your lifestyle and your needs. Knowing that there is also the possibility to switch it up according to your energy levels. 

You have the choice to complete your 8 sessions over a period of 30, 60 or 90 days, depending how far apart you want your classes.

Investment:  280


Ever wondered who you
are and what you are truly
capable of being?

The 9 Star Ki is one of the most ancient forms of oriental astrology; it’s a simple yet profound system, entirely based on natural processes. It can help us understand ourselves better, our individual strengths and our weaknesses, particularly during stressful times.

Keeping in mind that all of us contain the whole 5 Elements (water, wood, fire, earth & metal), although a combination of 3 of them appears to be more dominant for each and one of us.

Knowing this combination allows us to get in touch with our inherent potential, success in achieving our life goals and all in all, it helps us go through life with a lighter heart and a deeper sense of self-awareness.

Do you ever:

  • seek for answers about your current life situation?
  • feel stuck in your personal life and/or professional life?
  • lack of direction in your wellness journey?
  • wish to be guided and/or supported in choosing one direction over the other one?
  • feel like you don’t belong?
  • feel out of place or in misalignment with your environment?

If you answered yes, even to only one of these questions, this could be the ideal coaching session for you.

We will connect over a cup of tea or coffee, on a video call.


The session will last 90 minutes, during which we will go through your 3 main elements, analyse them and discuss them from a lifestyle, physical, emotional & health point of view. This analysis will provide you with an in-depth reading of yourself, your personality, your behaviours, in order to help you foster a deeper sense self-awareness and acceptance of yourself.


You are the protagonist of the session and to keep it interactive, you will be able to ask general or specific questions and eventually, if that’s what you would like, to focus the conversation on a particular aspect of yourself/your life. 


This reading will invite you to accept and let go of expectations, judgement (mostly towards yourself) and forge a connection with yourself that you may or may have not experienced before. At the same time, it will allow you to better understand your surroundings, situations and people around you.


Knowing your 3 elements can also help you align your goals with your living environment and daily activities. 


A few days before our session I will send you a brief questionnaire in order for me to understand where you are at in life and what you would like to know/work on, and to understand what you expect from our chat.


Finally, at the end of the session, I will send you a PDF summarizing what has been discussed and all the major points of your reading. Additionally, you will be receiving simple exercises and tips for you to implement to keep your elements in check and balanced. This follow-up document will act as a starting point of your exploration journey, within.

Investment:  79


Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self. 

Private classes

Because we are all unique beings, our Yoga needs can be completely different from person to person. 

I offer 1:1 classes in order to offer a more personalised approach and to really work give you the space to work on your physical & emotional goals. 

We will connect over a zoom call for 15/20 minutes to discuss what would you like to achieve and what your yoga goals are, then I will be able to draft a program for you and plan flows which will meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

All levels are welcome. 

Book a consultation to start your yoga journey together.

Investment:  40


Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.

If you feel like you can never seem to be able to organise your day and time is always lacking to purpose your passions, don’t fret, the solution is right here.  

It is no secret that in order to succeed in reaching whatever life goal you have set for yourself you need to have a daily routine. 

It takes perseverance, drive and motivation to commit to changing your daily activities, but at the same time it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. 

Most people think that creating & having a daily routine just adds more chores to already busy lifestyles. 

And this is what I want to change; healthy habits are there to support you in reaching any goal you have set for yourself, improve your day to day lifestyle and generally, helping to live a happier and healthier life. 

The secret lies in focusing on the small details, the small shifts and changes, which can help you optimise your time and your energy levels, so that you have time in your hands to focus both your mind and heart on your outcome goals. 

Would you like to:

  • have a clear path towards your life and wellness goals? 
  • organise your day with purpose? 
  • feel like you have control on your day to day activities and tasks without feeling overwhelmed? 
  • live your day in alignment? 
  • have a daily structure and optimise your energy levels? 
  • have more time to rest and spend it with family & friends? 
  • generally live a healthier and happier lifestyle? 

If you answered yes, even to only one of these questions, this could be the ideal coaching session for you.

We will connect over a cup of tea or coffee, on a video call. 

The session will last 90 minutes, during which we will go through your daily/weekly routine and your goals. 

We will discuss what you would like to achieve and what stopping your from achieving it. By having a look at your environment and your approach to your daily activities we will be able to identify potential barriers (physical, emotional and situational ones). 

Then, we will look at your goals, we will make adjustments when and if needed and we will align your purpose with your living situation. 

Only then we will be able to create a conducive daily or weekly routine for your to succeed. 

This routine will consist in small daily habits and mindset shifts. 

You will see your life transforming before your eyes without feeling overwhelmed. 

This session can be seen as your starting point in creating the life you wish for you.  

A few days before our session I will send you a brief questionnaire in order for me to understand your situation and the goals you would want to achieve; what you are struggling with and what would you like to change.

While, at the end of the session, I will send you a PDF summarising what has been discussed during our call. 

Investment: 59

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