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We all know how important it is to start the day right. If we wake up from the wrong side of the bed it’s most likely that our entire day ends up being a wind-whirl of emotions and events, able to deeply affect us and those around. Having a simple routine to cruise through could help you set things right for the rest of the day.

By deciding to download this service, you will receive a daily routine with simple exercises and tips to follow for you to wake up calmly, carve some time out for yourself and begin the day with a clear mind.

I promise, you won’t have to do anything for more than 20 minutes.

…But, for it to actually work, I would advise you to follow these tips and exercises for about 21 days, because, at that point it will become a habit.

What’s my element

If you would like to know what is your predominant element, this is for you. Each month I will be choosing 2 people who will receive an in-depth reading of their first element/energy.

Why do you want to know your main energy? Because it can help you face your day-to-day life with a different understanding of yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses; you have the chance to gain more self-awareness.

In order to participate you just need to follow me on Instagram and keep an eye on my stories on the 10th of each month.

If you are curious to have an individual reading which will also include the energetics of your 2nd and 3rd number, check my offer ‘’What are my 3 elements’’.


How many times did you think about stocking up your pantry with healthy ingredients, but you simply don’t know where to start from? Eating healthy can be overwhelming, also because what does this even mean?

A balanced meal can be totally different from person to person. Our needs are different, as are our daily routines. So we should look at nutrition as something completely subjective and to build and balance according to one’s life’s needs and activities.

It’s possible the most of us have ‘’wrong’’ ingredients in our pantry, which is totally normal. What this happens? Because we are going for standard meals, without taking into consideration each and every ingredient in its individuality and purpose.

Choosing the right ingredients in today’s grocery stores is a challenge, especially if we shop without a certain level of awareness and we stop at the packaging, at the word ‘’Bio’’, natural and all the pretty colors. It’s a work in progress, starting small to grow healthier with time.
Here you can download the list of my must have foods, which are always, always and I repeat always, in my pantry.

If you are curious to go deeper in your pantry make over, check my offer “The Healthy Pantry”.


If you would like to receive a general guideline about what you should eat and when during the day, to feel at your best, physically & emotionally, this is for you. Each month I will be choosing 2 people who will receive custom made support regarding their nutritional needs.

Why would you like to receive this type of support? Because the food we fuel our body with is extremely important for our general health. We might think that certain ingredients are actually healthy for us, but they turn out to be wrong from an individual energetical, emotional and physical point of view.

We will meet online for an informal 30-minute chat where we will discuss your nutrition goals and needs, at the end of the call you will receive a one-page PDF with tailored advice.

In order to participate you just need to follow me on Instagram and keep an eye on my stories on the 5th of each month.

If you are curious to know what you should eat to keep your specific energetic mix in balance, physically, mentally and emotionally, check myoffer ‘’What are my 3 elements’’, and I will tailor it on holistic nutrition for you. 


If you want to start your morning with 10 to 15 minutes for yourself, this is for you.

Slowly wake your body up and let the energy flow within you from head to toes with this gentle yoga flow; these movements will help you stretch your body out and release any potential tension accumulated during the night. The flow will leave you relaxed and energized, ready to start your day.

Movement is way more powerful when paired with breathwork and meditation, so sit back and enjoy opening up your lungs and feel a breath of fresh air filling up your lungs with simple pranayama exercises.

Last but not least, let your thoughts run freely, while following this 5-minute guided meditation which will help you connect with yourself and move you through the day with more intention and awareness.

if you would like to start your yoga journey with me, check my offer ‘’Yoga on the mat’’ for private or group classes. 


Sometimes it can be hard to carve some space to just be, to just feel and to be within yourself. Our heads and hearts become full and heavy and we need to find a way to release some of the tension in order to create new space to receive what’s coming our way.

Each month I will be choosing 2 people to jump on a call with and informally discuss about their mental and emotional wellbeing and needs. The call will last about 15 to 20 minutes and we will try to address your challenges or goals. Those who participate will receive affirmations and/or journal prompts which will help create some ‘’me time’’ and self-awareness.

These affirmations and journal prompts will be created together, according to the mental and emotional needs that we will explore, so they are specifically made for you.

In order to participate you just need to follow me on Instagram and keep an eye on my stories on the 1st of each month.

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