‘’I am okay, I am not okay’’ 

– Your inner voice

Self-perception refers to our internal view of ourselves, encompassing our thoughts, emotions, physical body, behavior, and more.

This perception is constantly evolving as we go through different stages in life. Embracing change is healthy, but it’s essential to accompany change and transformation while nurturing a positive self-perception.

However, is not always that easy.

Despite our inherent potential, we often allow negative self-talk to dominate our thoughts. One day, we may feel confident and self-assured, but on another day, we may feel unworthy and incapable of achieving anything.

It’s essential to understand why we allow this self-destructive behavior to continue.

The truth is, we waste a lot of energy when we think negatively about ourselves. Instead, it would be much easier and more fulfilling to appreciate ourselves as the unique, amazing beings that we are.

It takes the same amount of effort to focus on our strengths and achievements as it does to dwell on our flaws and mistakes. We should always want to choose to see ourselves in the best possible light and embrace the positive aspects of our lives.

But when it comes to appreciate someone else, we barely act surprised since we praise their amazingness. Why can’t we do the same for ourselves? 

A simple way to see & feel your amazingness

Try to change perspective, start to see yourself from the outside; try to look at yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you and admires you. They get it. They see you. 

They believe in your leaps forward, in your hard work, in your goal. 

They are not influenced by your insecurities or limiting self-beliefs.

Start to embody their perspective, hear their voices in your head, and slowly replace their voice for your own.

The Universe made you exactly as you are, it gave you all the tools to succeed and reach any goal you set your heart on. Shedding self-doubt and limiting beliefs is not something that happens over a few days, you will have down moments, know that it’s totally normal. 

Keep the positive self-talk going, focus on your strengths, and always try to see the best in yourself.

You are human. 
You are an amazing human. 
Don’t waste your potential telling yourself the opposite. 

Until next time… love yourself,

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