From Bottom to Rise

Embrace your Inner Radiance: 21 day Mindset Transformation

Why choose our program?

  • Radical Shifts:
    Say goodbye to negative self-talk and self-sabotage;
    Start to feel more confident in yourself and your capacities;
    Say hello to a mindset wired for success and empowerment.

  • Fearless Living:
    Dive headfirst into the unknown;
    Challenge your comfort zone and emerge stronger, braver, and unapologetically you.

  • Unleash Abundance:
    Transform your relationship with all that you consider a practical constraint. Invite prosperity, flexibility and freedom into your life.

What awaits you

  • Tailored Yoga Fusion: Experience Yoga that transcends the mat, infusing every pose with intention & purpose;

  • Soul Shaking Assignments: Engage in unique assignments that challenge your comfort zone, change your perspective and help you unlock your potential;

  • Guided Coaching calls: Three intimate, transformational calls where we discuss your goals, dissect your progress, crush challenges, and set your future ablaze. 


  • Overwhelm and Burnout: Feeling exhausted by the demands of life, constantly running on empty, and lacking the energy to make meaningful changes;

  • Self-Doubt: Struggling with negative self-talk, constantly questioning your abilities, and feeling like a lack of self-confidence is holding you back;

  • Feeling Stuck in a Rut: Feeling like life has become stagnant, with routines that no longer inspire and serve you, and you are longing for something more;

  • Fear of Change: Afraid to step out of your comfort zone, fearing the unknown and feeling trapped by a day to day routine;

  • Financial Struggles: Dealing with money-related stress, uncertain about how to attract abundance and create financial stability;

  • Isolation and Loneliness: Feeling disconnected from others, lacking a supportive network, and craving meaningful connections;

  • Lack of Direction: Feeling lost and unsure about your life’s purpose, yearning for clarity and a sense of direction;

  • Negative Mindset: Battling with recurring negative thoughts and beliefs, unable to break free from a cycle of self-sabotage;

  • Desire for Self-Love: Longing for a deeper connection with yourself, struggling with self-acceptance, and seeking ways to foster self-love;

  • Inability to Make Progress: Wanting to change but not knowing where to start, feeling stuck in old habits, and lacking the tools to create lasting change.

...if you resonate with few or all of the above statements, then, this is why you want to invest in this program

You deserve to feel accomplished, in control of your life and grateful for the way you are living.


Your day to day routine should always support you in achieving your life goals. 


  1. Break Free from Overwhelm and Burnout:
    • Transformation Point: Learn to prioritize self-care and create a balanced routine that fuels your energy and passion.
    • Results: Experience renewed vitality, improved productivity, and a sense of control over your life.

  2. Boost Your Self-Confidence and Silence Self-Doubt:
    • Transformation Point: Develop a resilient mindset through daily practices that reinforce self-worth and challenge negative thoughts.
    • Results: Watch your self-confidence soar, leading to better decision-making, stronger relationships, and a more assertive presence.

  3. Embrace Change and Rediscover Your Passion:
    • Transformation Point: Conquer the fear of change by taking courageous steps outside your comfort zone, reigniting your zest for life.
    • Results: Reconnect with your passions, discover new interests, and embrace a sense of adventure that brings joy back into your days.

  4. Attract Abundance and Rewrite Your Financial Story:
    • Transformation Point: Shift your mindset around money, adopt an abundance mentality, and create strategies for inviting financial prosperity.
    • Results: Experience increased financial stability, make empowered financial decisions, and open doors to new income opportunities.

  5. Cultivate Meaningful Connections and Unleash Self-Love:
    • Transformation Point: Nurture deeper relationships, starting with a profound connection with yourself through self-love practices.
    • Results: Build a strong support network, foster genuine connections, and find contentment in the relationship you have with yourself.



  • 1 Coaching call of 60 to 90 minutes to discuss your goals, challenges, successes…

  • 2 Yoga practises (1 hatha/vinyasa + 1 yin)

  • worksheets + weekly homework 

Bonus: a discovery call at the beginning of your journey, to check-in with yourself, understanding where we are starting from and where you want to go. 

This is totally up to you! 

The program is not designed to eat up all of your time and to have you sit at your desk several hours a day. 

The Coaching call is about 60 to 90 minutes long, once a week; each homework is short since it’s thought to be done daily; and each Yoga practice also ranges between 30 to 45 minutes. 

Now, I will suggest books to read, you can also decide how many times you want to practices the flows, how many times you want to go over the homework, etc.. 

So, beside the essential, you decide how much time you want to dedicate to the program. 

  • Daily Mindfulness: You will be able to infuse mindfulness into your daily routine, enhancing focus and reducing stress;

  • Confidence Boost: You will learn quick confidence-building techniques to use in various life situations;

  • Effective Goal Setting: You will be able to master the art of setting and achieving small, actionable, realistic daily goals that lead to big changes;

  • Positive Self-Talk: You will be able to watch your mind and stop yourself from negative self talk, shifting from self-doubt to self-affirmation;

  • Stress Management: You will know how to manage stressful situations using the tools you will acquire during the program;

  • Improved Relationships: You will enjoy ways to nurture meaningful connections and enhance communication, firstly with yourself and with those are around you;

  • Enhanced Self-Care: You will know when to prioritise self-care with simple practices that rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit, without feeling a sense of guilt; 

  • Daily Gratitude: You will find yourself being more grateful for the live you are building and living, boosting overall well-being;

  • Time Management: You will experience having more time, and more effective time management skills. Your productivity will increase and you will find more equilibrium in your work-life balance.

Investment: 210

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