My story

I’m Sabrina –
certified Yoga Teacher, 
Awareness & Mindset Coach

I work with the ancient Chinese wisdom of the 5 Elements and Yoga to empower you and to help you reconnect with yourself by developing a deeper sense of awareness and get rid of self doubt.

My personal development and wellness journey began in my late 20’s; I was riddled in self doubt and suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Objectively my life was pretty good. I had a financially stable job, I was traveling and experiencing different cultures, at work there wasn’t really time to get bored. But, over the years the job started to lose purpose, I was living in a city that never felt like home, and my mental and emotional conditions were suffering. 

This is when I approached yoga; I still remember that first class, how hard I thought it was to move with the breath from one asana to the other one, but at the same time how liberating the practice was. Once on the mat, everything else was only outside noise and I could forget about everything else. 

While diving deeper into the philosophy of yoga, I realised I had a lot of inner work to do. 

I had to face my upbringing, shed the sense of guilt around family and society expectations and before even considering moving on to my next chapter in life, I had to begin my personal development journey. 

An essential part of my healing process has been leaving my comfort zone, question all I thought was true about myself and what I was supposed to do with my life and face my personal doubts. 

So, I started working on myself, on my limiting beliefs and I looked for ways to shift my mindset. 

Yoga was still a vital part of my routine but also getting certified as a holistic coach helped immensely. 

Self coaching and Yoga became my tools to peel off layers of preconditioning and to dive deeper into myself. 

Slowly but surely, I found myself being healthier and happier than I ever was. Quickly my dream career started to take shape – I wanted to help other people to feel as happy and as healthy as I was. 

My purpose took shape and instead of developing projects in agribusiness and agriculture, I decided to start sharing my knowledge and with coaching and Yoga, to empower others to create purpose reach their life and wellness goals.   

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