My story

I’m Sabrina –
certified Yoga Teacher and
Self-awareness Coach

I work with the ancient Chinese wisdom of the 5 Elements and Yoga to empower you and to help you reconnect with yourself by developing a deeper sense of self-awareness.

My personal development and health journey began in my late 20’s; after struggling for some years with anxiety and digestive tract ailments I have decided to search for answers on my own. Back then I lived in a place where I wasn’t happy and I was doing a job that over the years lost all purpose and direction, but little did I know that my physical, mental and emotional condition could have been linked to that situation. 

I studied in different countries and once I got my Master degree I started working for the UN as an International Project Coordinator. 

As I kept traveling for work, I started to realize that I wanted something different, that I wasn’t as satisfied as I thought I was and that I really wasn’t happy. It took me 4 years before deciding to quit that job and start going after what I really thought was my calling. 

I started working on myself, on my limiting beliefs and I looked for ways to shift my mindset. That’s when I deepened my knowledge in Yoga and got certified as a teacher, along with getting certified as an Integrative Health Counselor. Self coaching and Yoga became my tools to peel off layers of preconditioning, to dive deeper into myself and question everything I thought was true about me. Slowly but surely, I found myself being healthier and happier than I ever was. Quickly my dream career started to take shape – I wanted to help other people to feel as happy and as healthy as I was. 

So instead of developing projects in agribusiness and agriculture, I decided to start sharing my knowledge and, through holistic living, Yoga, meditation and breath work, to empower other people to live a more aligned lifestyle and create the life they wished for.  

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