Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

It starts with you…

I believe that one’s well being starts from within,
your body, your mind and your soul are your hOMe. 

I believe that one’s well being starts from within, your body, your mind and your soul are your hOMe. 

I teach you how to nurture a deeper sense of self-awareness, stop self doubt and break self sabotaging patterns, with holistic living, nutrition & yoga. 

You have the ability and the power to create the life you wish for and to reach your wellness goals.  

Reconnect with yourself, explore what’s holding you back, overcome physical & emotional barriers &  bloom into your best version. 

And you? when will you begin that long journey into yourself?

My mission

My philosophy is that we are all able to heal ourselves and reach our goals, given we have the right tools and knowledge.

Our physical, mental and emotional health is not only disturbed by external experiences but also by internal imbalances. We normally look at the outside world if something isn’t really turning out as we wished for, pointing at that mythical scapegoat, but we rarely look at ourselves. 

Which is okay, we run through life in autopilot and we barely take any time to get to know ourselves, deeply. This behaviour though can be destructive and it can also be the root of self sabotaging patterns and self doubt. 

Before we attempt to changing our life for the better, or to reach a personal/professional target, we should get to know ourselves. Learn about our fears, emotional responses, shadows, to bring our unconscious to a surface level and align our inner world with our outer world. 

Self awareness is about leaving the comfort zone and explore all the layers of your being. It can be scary, but cultivating the capacity to maintain or come back to a place of balance and harmony it’s very empowering. 

You can decide for your own physical, mental and emotional state, you can learn to listen to yourself, acknowledge all of your ”weaknesses” and turn them into strengths.

With the use of the 5 Elements wisdom, yoga, meditation, breath work, I will guide you to a journey of self discovery and I will teach you how to trust yourself. 

What I offer

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